Weathered Wood Coaster / Ornament with Atz Kilcher Brand

Weathered Wood Coaster / Ornament with Atz Kilcher Brand

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Get yourself a little piece of an Alaskan homestead history here. My son Atz Lee helped me salvage a pile of old weathered cedar fence boards from a dilapidated nearby homestead. I've had them sitting under my porch for a couple years waiting for the right project to come along.  Well, here it came along - Many of my fans have been asking for something unique but inexpensive that you could add to your daily life. 

We got a custom branding iron with my name on it and came up with this simple design. The boards are cut into 3.25" squares, edges softened with a knife or chisel, then we burn the freshly exposed wood to give it a rustic look too.  The brand is burned in and then we coat them with food grade butcher block treatment. It's made up of mineral oil, beeswax, and carnuba. We have enough boards to make a pretty good pile of these but when it's gone, it's gone. 

These little squares are thick enough to stand up on their own too. Put one on your book shelf, desk, window sill . . .? Each coaster is unique, never be two the same.

I love gray wood. It tells a good story, and it's gray - just like me!